Friday, 25 May 2018

SEO Consultant, Wirral & Chester updates

Hi guys I've decided to change things around a bit now, I created a new page for Wirral at The main reason for this is to be able to expand my services to the UK using my homepage which I plan now to rank for SEO Consultant. I still aim to offer SEO services to local people, after all I live in Wirral, but I've worked with so many clients from all around the world over the years it only seems right. Of course I have my Liverpool page too and also one for SEO Chester (which by the way at the time of writing still needs to be updated and is sat in position 3 or 4) all these are local businesses to me so nope I won't be neglecting them. Anyway that's it for now guys, if you are reading this post then I'll try and post some more updates soon as the traffic and / or rankings start coming in. I also have lots planned for content, not only for my own SEO site but also for some projects that will earn me a passive income, possibly E-Commerce or affiliate marketing. I've already made a good start and I'll try and remember to post here for some updates soon. cheers! Graham

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