Sunday, 31 January 2016

SEO Chester Section - Ranking & Overview

Hi guys

Ready for my third installment to BlogSpot?

I recently started to target my local city of Chester with this URL optimised for SEO Chester -

Here's a ranking graph so far:

SEO Chester ranking graph

As you can see there's a decent climb but unfortunately (or not) work has got in the way of pushing this further. The page got itself to page 1 alone through good on page and authority, I followed with a few links (not many) which helped it along. But alas I won't be able to focus on it for a short while...

The success of We Are Web has just been fantastic but it has also meant that I really want to focus on getting our clients good results before pushing for more. If more come organically then fine (and they do - daily almost).

So we've hired some staff and moved offices to Wirral,

It's a good place, an old church. It will need some more fixing up to be really cool but we're off to a good start.

I'll post more stuff about that office soon. Probably the only people who will visit this blog are competitors or random browsers as I don't really promote it too much. It's on my Google Plus Profile and I've also recently linked to it from my website but that's it.