Sunday, 31 January 2016

SEO Chester Section - Ranking & Overview

Hi guys

Ready for my third installment to BlogSpot?

I recently started to target my local city of Chester with this URL optimised for SEO Chester -

Here's a ranking graph so far:

SEO Chester ranking graph

As you can see there's a decent climb but unfortunately (or not) work has got in the way of pushing this further. The page got itself to page 1 alone through good on page and authority, I followed with a few links (not many) which helped it along. But alas I won't be able to focus on it for a short while...

The success of We Are Web has just been fantastic but it has also meant that I really want to focus on getting our clients good results before pushing for more. If more come organically then fine (and they do - daily almost).

So we've hired some staff and moved offices to Wirral,

It's a good place, an old church. It will need some more fixing up to be really cool but we're off to a good start.

I'll post more stuff about that office soon. Probably the only people who will visit this blog are competitors or random browsers as I don't really promote it too much. It's on my Google Plus Profile and I've also recently linked to it from my website but that's it.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

SEO Liverpool

Hi guys,

I just wanted to announce a new section of my website dedicated to SEO Liverpool, you can see the page at Essentially this is a carry on from the Wirral section but I've aimed it for businesses and people within the Liverpool area looking for an SEO service.

I've started the section with a case study and FAQ section as I think this is what people will likely want most if they wanted to delve a little deeper into what I'm all about.

That doesn't mean to say I've neglected the people who just want a service quickly, I've included a contact form right near the top of the page for this reason, it's quick and easy to get in touch with me then.

Blogger is a great platform to keep my own thoughts on and to leave notes for myself and other people who might be interested in how I work and how I think. Even if you are another SEO reverse engineering what I'm doing, this is OK :)

I'm a friendly guy and pretty easy going so just get in touch if this is you. I'm sure we can work out ways how we can help each other out. I do a lot of my link acquisition through getting to know other SEO people and webmasters etc. Creating good relationships and then just asking for a link when it fits within context of a project is fine by me.

Ok, so just a quick one for today - it's been a while since I announced the Wirral section video so I thought I would need to just post a quick catchup.

See you later,