Saturday, 22 August 2015

SEO Liverpool

Hi guys,

I just wanted to announce a new section of my website dedicated to SEO Liverpool, you can see the page at Essentially this is a carry on from the Wirral section but I've aimed it for businesses and people within the Liverpool area looking for an SEO service.

I've started the section with a case study and FAQ section as I think this is what people will likely want most if they wanted to delve a little deeper into what I'm all about.

That doesn't mean to say I've neglected the people who just want a service quickly, I've included a contact form right near the top of the page for this reason, it's quick and easy to get in touch with me then.

Blogger is a great platform to keep my own thoughts on and to leave notes for myself and other people who might be interested in how I work and how I think. Even if you are another SEO reverse engineering what I'm doing, this is OK :)

I'm a friendly guy and pretty easy going so just get in touch if this is you. I'm sure we can work out ways how we can help each other out. I do a lot of my link acquisition through getting to know other SEO people and webmasters etc. Creating good relationships and then just asking for a link when it fits within context of a project is fine by me.

Ok, so just a quick one for today - it's been a while since I announced the Wirral section video so I thought I would need to just post a quick catchup.

See you later,